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Agbar Foundation / News / The winning project at the Aigües de Barcelona 2017 HackatH2On event encourages the use of electronic billing and minimising paper use

15 May 2017

The winning project at the Aigües de Barcelona 2017 HackatH2On event encourages the use of electronic billing and minimising paper use

WaterStock, a game based on water bill tranches and intended to encourage the use of e-billing instead of paper, is the name of the winning team at the second Aigües de Barcelona HackatH2On held this weekend, a hacker marathon event lasting nearly 48 hours whose base camp was the Museu Agbar de les Aigües in Cornellà.

Among the projects presented, the solution by the winning team, made up of Xavier Gil, Toni Trobat and Pedro Vila, stood out as a disruptive proposal that encourages savings and the sharing economy. WaterStock received an award of 5,000 euros. Using a game designed to explain the water bill tranches and savings, the proposal aims to encourage users to switch to e-billing, as the winning team’s game is played online.


The second prize, worth 3,000 euros, went to the musical proposal by the six-member team Save&Sound (Juan José Vázquez, Juan Salmerón, Marc Vila, Laura Benítez, Sandra Martín and Rita Pereira), who presented an application to measure water consumption in the shower, linking it to songs on Spotify.


Among the solutions for personal and online assistants to improve direct relations between Aigües de Barcelona and their users, the winners were the OasisBot team, which presented a computer program for customer services on Twitter. The five-member team (Héctor Esteban, Rachid Boukrab, Álvaro Enrich, Albert Monill and Berta Segura) received an award of 2,000 euros.


Open data at Aigües de Barcelona

The participants were given access to Aigües de Barcelona data as support for their projects and had a choice of three challenges: excellence in customer experience; promoting the social value of water; and new public services. The solutions could use web-based, mobile or hardware solutions, among others.


Reinventing the relationship between water and the public

The jury was made up of seven experts: Catalina Balseiro, Chief Innovation Officer at Suez Water Spain; Manuel Cermerón, Director of Strategy and Development at Agbar; Francesca Gabetti, co-founder and CEO of TeamEQ; Javier González, General Manager of Citilab – Fundació per al Foment de la Societat del Coneixement; Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City; María Monzó, Director of Innovation and Knowledge at Aigües de Barcelona; and Xavier Verdaguer, founder of TMT Factory, Innovalley and Imagine Creativity Center. All of them were responsible for assessing and awarding the creativity of the proposals in processing open data to improve the relationship between the public and water services.


‘The winning initiatives show that we can reinvent the relationship between water and the public, a relationship that is not fully developed, and that innovation can help us on the way to creating new bonds between water and society’, explained María Monzó.


In addition, over the weekend the teams taking part in HackatH2On received support from a group of experts and mentors who provided their experience and helped the teams develop their creative projects for the chosen challenge.


Passion for open data in the 2017 edition

HackatH2On 2017 saw record participation, with over 100 people registering, including students, teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals from a wide variety of companies.


The event also involved people from fields such as data mining and business intelligence, data science, big data and machine learning, many of whom highlighted the significant opportunity provided by HackatH2On to analyse and process data with the aim of offering a better public service.


HackatH2On is an initiative by Aigües de Barcelona that seeks innovation in its customers’ relations with water services, through creative solutions arising out of a context of collaboration.





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