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18 May 2017

The Gaudí waterfall at Casa Vicens is to be rebuilt in the Museu Agbar de les Aigües

Agbar today presented the project for the reconstruction of the Casa Vicens waterfall in the Central Cornellà facility. This waterfall was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí in 1883 for the garden of Casa Vicens, on Carrer Carolines in Barcelona, today a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 1945 this green zone was subjected to urban planning pressures and in the process the Gaudí waterfall that refreshed it disappeared.

Angel Simón, Chairman and CEO of Agbar, stressed that ‘Agbar, as a 21st-century company, is committed to its workforce, its customers, public authorities and society. In our commitment to culture, we firmly believe in renovating the Museu Agbar de les Aigües and the Central Cornellà facility, with the aim of opening the space to the public and integrating social use and our history’. In Angel Simón’s opinion, ‘we are fountains. We are the only people who have the moulds of the Wallace fountain and the Canaletes fountain and now we want to integrate the Gaudí fountain of Casa Vicens into the Central Cornellà garden. In this way, the space will integrate past, present and future and reflect our values: innovation, talent and excellence in managing the water service’.

The reconstruction project, which will be directed by the architect José Vicente Gómez Serrano, an expert in Gaudí’s work, with advice from Daniel Giralt-Miracle, commissioner of the International Year of Gaudí (2002) and a member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of Barcelona, will keep the original measurements and will painstakingly and scrupulously choose the materials and building methods. The aim is to enable visitors to the Museu Agbar de les Aigües to discover a genuine Gaudí work, which will surprise many with a style that differs from the Reus architect’s better known works.

The reconstruction of the waterfall is part of the complete renovation project for the Central Cornellà facility, which will be renamed Parc de les Aigües, and the refurbishment of the Museu Agbar de les Aigües. The aim is to provide an open garden for Cornellà and all the general public in this 100-year-old Agbar Foundation facility.

150 years at the service of Barcelona

At the event, held to celebrate International Museum Day, with contributions from Ignacio Escudero, General Manager of Aigües de Barcelona, and Antonio Balmón, Mayor of Cornellà, the book Aigües de Barcelona. 150 anys al servei de la ciutat (1867-2017) was presented. Manel Martín, historian and author of the book, stressed that the company ‘has contributed decisively to building the city, supplied water without interruption, even during the Spanish Civil War, and constantly innovated, making it a world leader in water management’.

The book covers Aigües de Barcelona's century and a half of history, in which the company has been a leading actor in city life for 150 years and over 6 generations. Throughout this time, the city and company have walked side by side, progressing, mutually transforming one another and looking out on the world. The book is not just a social history. It is above all an account of a period that has marked the direction, culture, even the physiognomy of a company that is part of Barcelona’s history and heritage.

Click here to view the video of the Central Cornellà renovation project

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